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HS Table Tennis League

Elliott Duax
Max Owens
Colin Gould
Charley Shick
Peter Doyle
Eric Jaggers
Brian Dupont
Nick Schnell
Stephen Nicknish
Connor Corlett
Thomas Bush
Mason Owens
Matt Vonderhaar
Mikey Corsiglia
Drake Grenier
Michael Tjaden

Elliott Duax
1Max Owens W
2Colin Gould
3Charley Shick
4Peter Doyle W
5Stephen Nicknish L
6Thomas Bush
7Nick Schnell
8Connor Corlett
9Mason Owens
10Brian Dupont
11Eric Jaggers
12Max Owens
13Colin Gould
14Charley Shick
Max Owens
1Elliott Duax
2Charley Shick
3Colin Gould
4Eric Jaggers
5Connor Corlett
6Mason Owens
7Brian Dupont
8Stephen Nicknish
9Thomas Bush
10Nick Schnell
11Peter Doyle
12Elliott Duax
13Charley Shick
14Colin Gould
Colin Gould
1Charley Shick
2Elliott Duax
3Max Owens
4Nick Schnell
5Thomas Bush
6Connor Corlett
7Eric Jaggers
8Mason Owens
9Stephen Nicknish
10Peter Doyle
11Brian Dupont
12Charley Shick
13Elliott Duax
14Max Owens
Charley Shick
1Colin Gould
2Max Owens
3Elliott Duax
4Brian Dupont
5Mason Owens
6Stephen Nicknish
7Peter Doyle
8Thomas Bush
9Connor Corlett
10Eric Jaggers
11Nick Schnell
12Colin Gould
13Max Owens
14Elliott Duax
Peter Doyle
1Eric Jaggers
2Brian Dupont
3Nick Schnell
4Elliott Duax L
5Matt Vonderhaar
6Drake Grenier
7Charley Shick
8Michael Tjaden
9Mikey Corsiglia
10Colin Gould
11Max Owens W
12Eric Jaggers
13Brian Dupont
14Nick Schnell
Eric Jaggers
1Peter Doyle
2Nick Schnell
3Brian Dupont
4Max Owens
5Mikey Corsiglia
6Michael Tjaden
7Colin Gould
8Drake Grenier
9Matt Vonderhaar
10Charley Shick
11Elliott Duax
12Peter Doyle
13Nick Schnell
14Brian Dupont
Brian Dupont
1Nick Schnell
2Peter Doyle
3Eric Jaggers
4Charley Shick
5Drake Grenier
6Matt Vonderhaar
7Max Owens
8Mikey Corsiglia
9Michael Tjaden
10Elliott Duax
11Colin Gould
12Nick Schnell
13Peter Doyle
14Eric Jaggers
Nick Schnell
1Brian Dupont
2Eric Jaggers
3Peter Doyle
4Colin Gould
5Michael Tjaden
6Mikey Corsiglia
7Elliott Duax
8Matt Vonderhaar
9Drake Grenier
10Max Owens
11Charley Shick
12Brian Dupont
13Eric Jaggers
14Peter Doyle
Stephen Nicknish
1Connor Corlett W
2Thomas Bush
3Mason Owens W
4Mikey Corsiglia
5Elliott Duax W
6Charley Shick
7Michael Tjaden
8Max Owens W
9Colin Gould
10Drake Grenier
11Matt Vonderhaar
12Connor Corlett
13Thomas Bush
14Mason Owens
Connor Corlett
1Stephen Nicknish
2Mason Owens
3Thomas Bush
4Michael Tjaden
5Max Owens
6Colin Gould
7Drake Grenier
8Elliott Duax
9Charley Shick
10Matt Vonderhaar
11Mikey Corsiglia
12Stephen Nicknish
13Mason Owens
14Thomas Bush
Thomas Bush
1Mason Owens
2Stephen Nicknish
3Connor Corlett
4Matt Vonderhaar
5Colin Gould
6Elliott Duax
7Mikey Corsiglia
8Charley Shick
9Max Owens
10Michael Tjaden
11Drake Grenier
12Mason Owens
13Stephen Nicknish
14Connor Corlett
Mason Owens
1Thomas Bush
2Connor Corlett
3Stephen Nicknish
4Drake Grenier
5Charley Shick
6Max Owens
7Matt Vonderhaar
8Colin Gould
9Elliott Duax
10Mikey Corsiglia
11Michael Tjaden
12Thomas Bush
13Connor Corlett
14Stephen Nicknish
Matt Vonderhaar
1Mikey Corsiglia
2Drake Grenier
3Michael Tjaden
4Thomas Bush
5Peter Doyle
6Brian Dupont
7Mason Owens
8Nick Schnell
9Eric Jaggers
10Connor Corlett
11Stephen Nicknish
12Mikey Corsiglia
13Drake Grenier
14Michael Tjaden
Mikey Corsiglia
1Matt Vonderhaar
2Michael Tjaden
3Drake Grenier
4Stephen Nicknish
5Eric Jaggers
6Nick Schnell
7Thomas Bush
8Brian Dupont
9Peter Doyle
10Mason Owens
11Connor Corlett
12Matt Vonderhaar
13Michael Tjaden
14Drake Grenier
Drake Grenier
1Michael Tjaden
2Matt Vonderhaar
3Mikey Corsiglia
4Mason Owens
5Brian Dupont
6Peter Doyle
7Connor Corlett
8Eric Jaggers
9Nick Schnell
10Stephen Nicknish
11Thomas Bush
12Michael Tjaden
13Matt Vonderhaar
14Mikey Corsiglia
Michael Tjaden
1Drake Grenier
2Mikey Corsiglia
3Matt Vonderhaar
4Connor Corlett
5Nick Schnell
6Eric Jaggers
7Stephen Nicknish
8Peter Doyle
9Brian Dupont
10Thomas Bush
11Mason Owens
12Drake Grenier
13Mikey Corsiglia
14Matt Vonderhaar

Week #1
Max OwensatElliott Duax
Charley ShickatColin Gould
Eric JaggersatPeter Doyle
Nick SchnellatBrian Dupont
Connor CorlettatStephen Nicknish
Mason OwensatThomas Bush
Mikey CorsigliaatMatt Vonderhaar
Michael TjadenatDrake Grenier
Week #2
Charley ShickatMax Owens
Elliott DuaxatColin Gould
Nick SchnellatEric Jaggers
Peter DoyleatBrian Dupont
Mason OwensatConnor Corlett
Stephen NicknishatThomas Bush
Michael TjadenatMikey Corsiglia
Matt VonderhaaratDrake Grenier
Week #3
Charley ShickatElliott Duax
Colin GouldatMax Owens
Brian DupontatEric Jaggers
Peter DoyleatNick Schnell
Thomas BushatConnor Corlett
Stephen NicknishatMason Owens
Drake GrenieratMikey Corsiglia
Matt VonderhaaratMichael Tjaden
Week #4
Eric JaggersatMax Owens
Brian DupontatCharley Shick
Elliott DuaxatPeter Doyle
Colin GouldatNick Schnell
Mikey CorsigliaatStephen Nicknish
Drake GrenieratMason Owens
Thomas BushatMatt Vonderhaar
Connor CorlettatMichael Tjaden
Week #5
Stephen NicknishatElliott Duax
Thomas BushatColin Gould
Matt VonderhaaratPeter Doyle
Drake GrenieratBrian Dupont
Max OwensatConnor Corlett
Charley ShickatMason Owens
Eric JaggersatMikey Corsiglia
Nick SchnellatMichael Tjaden
Week #6
Mason OwensatMax Owens
Connor CorlettatColin Gould
Stephen NicknishatCharley Shick
Michael TjadenatEric Jaggers
Mikey CorsigliaatNick Schnell
Elliott DuaxatThomas Bush
Brian DupontatMatt Vonderhaar
Peter DoyleatDrake Grenier
Week #7
Nick SchnellatElliott Duax
Eric JaggersatColin Gould
Charley ShickatPeter Doyle
Max OwensatBrian Dupont
Michael TjadenatStephen Nicknish
Mikey CorsigliaatThomas Bush
Mason OwensatMatt Vonderhaar
Connor CorlettatDrake Grenier
Week #8
Stephen NicknishatMax Owens
Thomas BushatCharley Shick
Drake GrenieratEric Jaggers
Matt VonderhaaratNick Schnell
Elliott DuaxatConnor Corlett
Colin GouldatMason Owens
Brian DupontatMikey Corsiglia
Peter DoyleatMichael Tjaden
Week #9
Mason OwensatElliott Duax
Matt VonderhaaratEric Jaggers
Michael TjadenatBrian Dupont
Colin GouldatStephen Nicknish
Charley ShickatConnor Corlett
Max OwensatThomas Bush
Peter DoyleatMikey Corsiglia
Nick SchnellatDrake Grenier
Week #10
Brian DupontatElliott Duax
Nick SchnellatMax Owens
Peter DoyleatColin Gould
Eric JaggersatCharley Shick
Drake GrenieratStephen Nicknish
Matt VonderhaaratConnor Corlett
Michael TjadenatThomas Bush
Mikey CorsigliaatMason Owens
Week #11
Max OwensatPeter Doyle
Elliott DuaxatEric Jaggers
Colin GouldatBrian Dupont
Charley ShickatNick Schnell
Stephen NicknishatMatt Vonderhaar
Connor CorlettatMikey Corsiglia
Thomas BushatDrake Grenier
Mason OwensatMichael Tjaden
Week #12
Elliott DuaxatMax Owens
Colin GouldatCharley Shick
Peter DoyleatEric Jaggers
Brian DupontatNick Schnell
Stephen NicknishatConnor Corlett
Thomas BushatMason Owens
Matt VonderhaaratMikey Corsiglia
Drake GrenieratMichael Tjaden
Week #13
Colin GouldatElliott Duax
Max OwensatCharley Shick
Brian DupontatPeter Doyle
Eric JaggersatNick Schnell
Thomas BushatStephen Nicknish
Connor CorlettatMason Owens
Drake GrenieratMatt Vonderhaar
Mikey CorsigliaatMichael Tjaden
Week #14
Max OwensatColin Gould
Elliott DuaxatCharley Shick
Nick SchnellatPeter Doyle
Eric JaggersatBrian Dupont
Mason OwensatStephen Nicknish
Connor CorlettatThomas Bush
Michael TjadenatMatt Vonderhaar
Mikey CorsigliaatDrake Grenier
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